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Discord to SMS

Never lose any important message

Awesome Features

CordTextSMS empowers Discord users with a comprehensive and customizable solution for SMS notifications, enabling efficient management of multiple servers and precise tracking of member entries and exits. Say goodbye to missed alerts and enjoy a streamlined communication experience!

Multi-Server Support

CordTextSMS allows you to manage multiple Discord servers simultaneously, making it convenient for users with numerous servers.

SMS Notifications

Receive SMS notifications for member entries and exits from specified Discord channels. Stay updated on user activity regardless of the server.

Customizable Alerts

Tailor the SMS alerts according to your preferences. Choose the specific events, channels, and servers you want to receive notifications for, ensuring you stay informed about important activities.

Integration with Discord App/Bot (coming soon)

CordTextSMS seamlessly integrates with your existing Discord app or bot, enhancing the functionality and capabilities of your notification system.

Enhanced Entry/Exit Management

With CordTextSMS, you can ensure accurate tracking of member entries and exits, providing you with precise data for analysis and reporting.

Flexible Configuration

Members can easily configure different Discord servers and channels within CordTextSMS, allowing them to receive SMS alerts from various sources without being tied to a specific server.

Member Payment System

CordTextSMS offers a member payment system, allowing users to pay for the service directly. This ensures that the cost of the service is not passed on to Discord servers, maintaining their current payment structure.

Integration with Robinhood (Coming Soon)

For advanced users, CordTextSMS can integrate with Robinhood accounts to trigger entries based on alerts. This enables users to take advantage of timely market movements and make informed investment decisions.(Need Special configuration, extra fees may apply)

Security and Privacy

CordTextSMS prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. All data transmission and storage are handled securely, ensuring the confidentiality of member information and activities.


You can filter the message with specific text per each channel.

User-Friendly Interface

CordTextSMS provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for members to configure their settings, manage notifications, and track their activity.

Our customers love our product


Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our satisfied customers have to say about CordTextSMS:

Join our satisfied customers and experience the power of CordTextSMS for yourself. Start integrating Discord and SMS channels today and see why our customers can't get enough of our product!

Since using CordTextSMS, managing multiple Discord servers has become a breeze. The seamless integration with SMS notifications has transformed the way I stay connected and informed. It's a game-changer!

Amanda R. - Customer

CordTextSMS has given us the flexibility we needed for our diverse Discord community. With the multiple server support and customizable notifications, our members can receive SMS alerts tailored to their interests. It's a comprehensive solution that has exceeded our expectations.

Ryan L.- Customer

Before getting CordTextSMS I was missing so many important messages on discord, always seeing them with such big delays to a point where some of them became worthless to see as late as I was seeing them. After getting CordTextSMS I have almost never missed any important messages on discord since theyre automatically forwarded to my text messages! Highly recommend for anyone that never wants to miss another discord message!

John Scarce- Customer

Plans and Pricing

Choose the perfect plan that suits your communication needs with CordTextSMS. We offer flexible pricing options designed to provide you with the best value for integrating Discord and SMS channels.


$0 per month

Signup for the Free User Plan to access all the basic features.

  • 10 Monthly Notifications
  • Unlimited Discord Servers
  • Unlimited Discord Channels
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$5 per month

Signup for the Starter User Plan to access all the starter features.

  • 100 Monthly Notifications
  • Unlimited Discord Servers
  • 1 Discord Channel
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$15 per month

Signup for the Basic User Plan to access all the basic features.

  • 500 Monthly Notifications
  • Unlimited Discord Servers
  • Unlimited Discord Channels
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$50 per month

Signup for our premium plan to access all our Premium Features.

  • 2.000 Monthly Notifications
  • Unlimited Discord Servers
  • Unlimited Discord Channels
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$150 per month

Gain access to our pro features with the pro plan.

  • 10.000 Monthly Notifications
  • Unlimited Discord Servers
  • Unlimited Discord Channels
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Sign up today and unlock the full potential of CordTextSMS to integrate Discord and SMS channels for enhanced communication and collaboration. Stay connected, informed, and engaged like never before!